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Hotel Capital San Jose Costa Rica

Welcome to Hotel Capital San Jose Costa Rica.
We offer 15 Rooms all equipped with TV Cable, Private Bathroom, Hot Water, Fan, Double orthopedic bed, available rooms for two / three beds. Located in the historical downtown of San Jose, near to almost all the bus station to travel around the country and outside (Panama, Nicaragua). A large historical Costa Rican B/W Pictures collection.

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Our hotels could be your base for first and last night and transit around the country. We offer you security box, luggage store, laundry sevice, airport pick up , free tourist information, tours, car rental. We are so friendly, you can be sure we will always try to do our best for your comfort in our hotels - cheap and good accommodation.






GENERAL INFORMATION This park receives the climatic influence of the Caribbean and Pacific watersheds, which is reflected on the number and distribution pattern of the life zones present; among them: pluvial montane low forest, very moist tropical forest, tropical transitional to pre montane, very moist tropical forest, very moist pre montane forest, predominating the pluvial pre montane forest.

WAYS TO ACCESS 1. San Jose - Cañas. From Cañas 7 km north on the Inter American highway, then 44 km following the Upala road, then 8 km east (4 wheel drive all year round) 2. San Jose - Ciudad Quesada - El Tanque (in San Carlos). From El Tanque drive 80 kilometers towards Upala, and 24 kilometers towards Cañas. Then turn east for approximately 8 kilometers taking a ballasted road, 4WD vehicles all year round.

LOCATION Is located between the counties of Guatuso and Upala of Alajuela, Cañas, Bagaces and Tilarán of the Province of Guanacaste; this area is located on the Guanacaste Volcanic Range and is part of the Arenal Conservation Area.

MAIN ATTRACTIONS The flora is extremely varied and you can appreciate a high diversity of palms, heliconias, ferns, bromeliads, and orchids among others. Among the trees are prominent the aguacatillos (wild avocado), zapotes (pouteria spp), pilones (hieronyma alchornoides) and acaro danto (parmentiera valerii), which is endemic in this mountain range and is characterized by the flowers and fruits that are adhered to the tree trunk. Of the fauna present we find the following varieties: tapir, peccary, cabro de monte o venado selvatico (mazama americana), squirrels, howler and white-faced monkeys, puma, ocelot, giant anteaters and birds, especially bellbirds, guans, and trogons.

Other attractions are the waterfall, panoramic views, thermal vapors, rivulets inside the forest and "teñideros". It also has a natural trail called "Misterios del Tenorio", with a distance of 3,200 m and an approximate duration of three hours.

SERVICES OFFERED General information, potable water, restrooms, laboratory and lodging for researchers.

REGULATIONS It is not permitted to collect any species of flora or fauna. It is not permitted to enter in the area with radios or similar electronic devices that may be disturbing. Pets are not allowed. Keep yourself within the trails. If you carry any weapon, it must be left at the entrance hut. Drugs or alcohol are not allowed, nor visitors under their effects. Garbage must be picked up and taken out of the Park. You can only swim in the areas indicated that you may do so. Waterfalls carry rocks and large pieces of trees that might be dangerous if you get too close to them. Soaps and detergents may not be used. If you need help, please ask the park personnel.



Best location in San Jose Downtown - Costa Rica



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